OnePlus Loop VR: the viewer for virtual reality


OnePlus Loop VR is viewer for virtual reality that Chinese society has prepared for the launch of the new smartphone OnePlus 3 . This gadgets had a childhood – if we can call it – rather unique since it was made available for free on the official website of the manufacturer. Yeah, free to the first 30,000 lucky people who have booked it and that, through the same device, they could follow the presentation of the future smartphones that will be unveiled in a few days. Of course, for those who failed to click in time ordering “Free” will be able to follow the event from any other VR device as well as from the computer. Let’s discover more after the jump, with all information and advances.

OnePlus repeats the same strategy that had already been put into practice with OnePlus 2 that is, with the presentation that will take place in immersive virtual reality, just like if you were in front of the stage room. Only instead of Google Cardboard (version a few euro made of cardboard, proposed by the Mountain View) Here we find a higher quality gadgets, called OnePlus Loop VR, which was regalto to 30,000 users who have booked for free . How does ? Similarly many other viewers who welcome the smartphone that will be positioned on the front by a screen: the accelerometer and the sensor move the view of the cell depending on how you move your head.

Last year it was focused on a Google Cardboard 2.0 – which, as noted, can accommodate smartphone display with up to 6 inches – while Loop VR proprietary solution that would not cost one euro if no shipping, the cost of which also depended on the buyer’s location.

Powered by AntVR companies and plastic, it has a size of 188 x 120 x 100 mm and weighs 366 grams, features orthoscopic lenses that open to a field of view of 100 degrees and you can see adjusted the focus and the inside is padded appropriately, with control options via belts. What you can do with the viewer?

You can follow the presentation and, unbelievable, go to the company’s virtual store to order immediately a OnePlus 3 to be received in a short time at home, without the system of invitations that is as exclusive as boring. How will the new topclass? It seems that will mount a processor on Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4 or 6GB of RAM, a 5.5-inch Full HD display, memory of 32 or 64 GB, camera with laser autofocus, fingerprint reader, USB Type-C Battery from the long-term.