One Prime GO, the new tariff plan of TIM


TIM launched One Prime Go, the new tariff plan dedicated to all rechargeable customers, which allows you to call mobile and fixed numbers to 19 cents per minute and 20 cents connection fee and to send SMS to all at 16 cents . All with a cost of 49 cents per week and with the first 4 weeks free for new activations. Let’s see who applies and how it works.

TIM One Prime Go is a TIM tariff plan based, targeted at Rechargeable customers and activated in a standard way on all new customers as of November 28, 2016. It has the following characteristics:

  • Connection fee for each call to 20 cents
  • Tariffs per minute of 19 cents per minute to all fixed and mobile
  • of 49 cents cost per week, with the first 4 weeks free for new activations
  • Cost for 16 cents SMS to all

Earlier, Prime Go had no connection fee applies but it cost 29 cents per minute instead of 19, with the SMS to 15 cents towards all. The basic tariff plans are the standard ones, to which then can be added the various packages with minutes, SMS, GB of data traffic and so on, which are priority compared to TIM One Prime Go (in other words: is the rate that is activated as soon as you end the amount of minutes of calls, messages and Internet traffic related to one of the various deals Special TIM, TIM Young and so on).

The TIM tariff profile enables users to also access a variety of free and exclusive benefits, such as the following:

  • Cinema: every week, from Monday to Friday, you can apply for vouchers for cinema 2 × 1 (two for the price of one ticket) in over 900 facilities across Italy.
  • Serie A: You can watch free all app content Serie A TIM (the official application of the football league Serie A), also following the transfer market, the news from the withdrawals, and so on, without consuming their GB of traffic.
  • No. Friend: The Number One Friend TIM Prime Go allows you to have unlimited minutes and SMS with your favorite TIM number (first free inclusion, subsequent amendments to 2 euro).
  • Free Reload +: answer YES to the SMS that you get with every refill to receive calls and SMS in a certain prize, as well as enter the draw for daily prizes like free refills, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and LTE tablet:

For those who do not have the data plan TIM One Prime Go you can change at any time, to another tariff plan based that does not include the 49 cents per week (thus renouncing also the benefits to cinema, football and etc).

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