As is known, Home button in the Apple’s new smartphone of mechanical turned into touch. To smooth the transition, and at the same time to demonstrate the technological capabilities of Cupertino giant has given tactile feedback button by its decision Taptic Engine. Smartphone, thanks to vibrations creates the impression of physical pressing the button, although this does not happen. However, the same thing has been realized by Motorola phones ROKR E8 and the ZINE ZN5 more in 2008.

Be that as it may, the new Apple smartphones are now on sale, and users began to encounter the first problem. Of particular interest is the situation, which has shared one of the participants of the forum MacRumors.

Its smartphone periodically notify the owner about the problems with the Home button, indicating that she needs maintenance. Button at the same time really ceases to function, but what is most interesting, the display shows the softkey, duplicating the basic functions of the failed colleagues.

Undoubtedly, the opportunity to use a smartphone at least for some time before going to the service center – a great idea, although Apple for some reason there is no mention of it. Recall also that the rumors attributed to the iPhone the next generation of a complete rejection of the physical Home button.

With regard to the problem of the smartphone, its owner claims that the first time an alert appears when you connect the charger. Rebooting temporarily solved the problem, but later she reappeared.