Android Car is a platform created with the objective of bringing its services inside the mobile landscape, such as those dedicated to vehicle navigation, the management of communications (phone calls or messages) and playing back the music. Since this is a technology aimed at those who are behind the wheel is for obvious reasons must ensure that it can be used safely.

This is why the interface is characterized by large elements, arranged in an easily accessible and understandable layout with a quick and easy look. To this day, so a little ‘incomprehensible, however, it lacked official support to the keyword “Ok Google” to enable interaction using voice commands. The group of Mountain View has filled the gap, releasing the update that brings the ‘ app of Android Car to the new version 2.0.6427. The rollout has already kicked off, but as often happens in these cases take several days before reaching all the territories. Who does not want to wait can immediately download and manually install the APK file Function.

Media interaction via voice command Ok Google arrives on the application Android Car

As shown in the screenshot above, you can configure the app to recognize precisely his own voice. This way, while you are driving, you can impart to Android Auto commands, so as to control the features and applications without taking your hands off the wheel and keeping eyes firmly fixed on the roadway, all with an increase of security while traveling on four wheels.

If after updating its “Ok Google” still does not appear in the settings, do not panic: apparently activation will be gradual and soon the feature entry should be available globally.