Microsoft for the month of November, announced several updates to its suite Office all designed to improve the collaborative aspects. Among the changes, the group PowerPoint editing function the ability to upload the attachments on cloud directly from Outlook and other collaboration capabilities . When Office 2016 was launched, the Redmond highlighted its willingness to enlarge collaborative editing function of documents outside of Word . This function is now available for PowerPoint. In other words, employees will be able to see in real time the changes you are making a presentation and will be able to take action themselves to improve it.

This new interesting feature is available on PowerPoint Mobile on Windows tablets and PCs for all those who have Office 365 and have access to the program Office Insider . Outlook already allows you to upload documents on the cloud. Now, however, you can share a traditional attachment through the cloud to make it available to employees. Users can upload documents of OneDrive specifying the permission levels for email recipients. This function allows you to upload attachments to the cloud is available to Outlook for the Web and for all the subscribers of Office 365 .

Office, Microsoft improves collaboration (image: Office ).

Still, Microsoft has announced that it is starting to introduce notifications in Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on mobile devices to alert you of any changes implemented on shared cloud documents. Notifications let you know when a document has been changed while you were away from your computer. The Redmond will improve this in the future notification system to offer its users a better transparency for the activities related to shared documents.

 Office, Microsoft improves collaboration

Office, Microsoft improves collaboration (image: Office ).

Notifications are available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android and Windows Mobile for Insiders. IOS will come later. Finally, Microsoft has added a tab “ Share With Me ” (share with me) in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Just like in OneDrive, this tab allows easier access to all the shared documents without having to leave the application on which you are working. Also, they have been added folders that allows to find all the latest files, simplifying the job.