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In the sixth month of 2016, here is the selection of writing.


1- June 1: the winners of the Trophy Objects Connected 2016

Organised on the initiative of NPA Conseil , the 3rd edition of Connected Objects of Trophy 18 distinguished prize and 4 special prizes at the awards ceremony this May 31, 2016, introduced by Christophe Béchu , Senator and Mayor of Angers, which is installed City of Object logged

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2- June 2. Qowisio launches IoT network dual-mode in France

After raised € 10 million to build a communications network for connected devices, Qowisio announces the launch of its offer, noting its economic model and its international ambitions. Qowisio in particular has announced that its network is operational already covers all cities with over 10,000 residents. Anjou company hopes to work with many startups, it will help to finalize the project in less than 3 months. Qowisio turns his back on the subscription offering industrial objects connected less than 10 €, including a license equivalent connectivity 10cts / year and / object ( or € 1 for 10 years ) and mobile data retrieval.

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3- 6 June: [Happy 3D] Boulanger offers to print parts

the Baker distributor has in recent years begun a molting its activities by becoming such device manufacturer, via the brand Essential B or specific brands associated with each vertical as do the sign Decathlon . As a specialist of home appliances and multimedia in France, Baker tries to innovate in service using 3D printing to simplify its management of spare parts.

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4- June 14: Apple federates the Smart Home with Home application

Since the announcement of HomeKit History 2 years, we knew this day was coming fast. Here it is: the firm Apple plans to integrate with the next update to the new iOS app Home ( also thinks of his cousin Health for the health … ) responsible for doing work connected objects in the house.

in the manner of SmartThings Samsung , the application home Apple will be responsible for gather orders of all connected objects of the Smart Home within a single application, so we can make them interact and create trigger rules based on multiple, heterogeneous criteria. The number and types of devices that will be supported are increasing rapidly: there are now connected thermostats , smart cameras but also air conditioners, connected bells, air purifiers , etc. . If the first partners are best known in the United States ( Canary, Tado, Birdi, Elgato ), the Netatmo French, Legrand, Withings, Velux are in the game, such as Philips and Fibaro ( HomeKit will be compatible with the Zwave) !

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5- June 16 the manufacturer of the Raspberry Pi bought by Daetwyler to € 775 million

the British Premier Farnell, manufacturer of the most popular nano-computer in the world to prototype objects connected quickly just be a record bid: not less than EUR 775 million ( or $ 867 million ) have been proposed by the Swiss industrial Daetwyler

D’ores-. and-now, the Foundation provided that the repurchase of its supplier partner does not change the operation mode of Raspberry Pi , built from the famous triptych “ Teach, Learn & Make “! The organization should thus continue to broadcast its plans and updated open-source format as usual.

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6- June 22: Local Motors launches Olli, intelligent minibus with IBM Watson

last Thursday, on the occasion of the new Local Motors manufacturing site to National Harbor (Maryland) near Washington DC, the company introduced its new product, the self Olli minibus.

This autonomous vehicle will carry up to 12 passengers on random selection with 30 embedded sensors , to analyze and interpret a set of varied data. These include cognitive abilities based on cloud Watson IoT which will be utilized for this.

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7- June 22: SevenHugs up € 13 million to internationalize

the specialist in connected home SevenHugs announces it has raised 13! million from the Xerys management company NovX Capital (Noveo group) and CapDecisif management with the FRCI. Created by Simon Tchedikian Stéphane Jaubertou, Lionel Marty and Olivier Mandine, the startup had already completed a first round table € 1.5 million in 2015 before announcing its second object connected at CES . Smart remote , a pop remote

Thanks to the recently raised funds, SevenHugs plans to expand its reach internationally, but also boost the adoption of its system with connected to other objects manufacturers to make them compatible with the Smart Remote .

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8- 22 June: [SolarCity] Tesla 2.8 billion offer to buy the other company Elon Musk

the California automaker has officially transmit bid of $ 2.8 billion to solar City , manufacturer and leadear in the distribution of solar panels.

Elon Musk wants to be a giant of clean energy. For this, it needs to control every link in the value chain of renewable energy, from production to consumption. If Tesla is partly the cause of race for electric triggered among traditional manufacturers , the new models are asserting themselves more and more as serious alternatives to gasoline vehicles.

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9- June 24: Carrefour will be among the first to offer Apple Pay


the Carrefour, which is among the world leaders in distribution, will be one of the first major retailer to offer Apple Pay in France. This new offering fast mobile payment service and practice will be proposed by Carrefour as of the summer in France, to customers who have a compatible iOS device ( iPhone or iPad ).

the arrival of this service is a new step in the strategy of Carrefour in innovation. Developed in coordination with Crossroads Bank (2.5 million customers), the ability to use Apple Pay in the 5,600 store network ( million customers daily ) will offer an experience simplified user, transparent and convenient for all card holders “ PASS MasterCard .”

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beacons Estimote - balise bluetooth

10- June 27: bluetooth 5 will bring new features

June 16 in London, the Bluetooth SIG unveiled the next version of Bluetooth Version 5 . to believe Mark Powell, Executive Director of GIS, the new standard of communication which should equip the next tablets and smartphones should offer rate 4 times greater than that of Bluetooth 4.2 (the current standard) and scope 2 times. The reported earnings relate in particular to the low-power mode said LE (for Low Energy ). the new Bluetooth 5 should not compete WiFi regarding Internet browsing or for the most demanding applications bandwidth … but 4 Mbits and range of 200 m of the new standard certainly enable the proliferation of applications, including outdoors.

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