appeared “Oasis” card on which developers first told at BlizzCon 2016 test servers Overwatch. Battles take place on a map in the “control object” mode, and the location itself has a number of unique items, including moving vehicles that can fatal shoot down the players, and trampolines. The latter, as explained project director Jeff Kaplan (Jeff Kaplan), run in conjunction with the capabilities of some of the characters – each such bundle has its own unique effect


“Oasis – one of the most advanced cities in the world, the pearl growing in the Arabian desert, – reads the official description of the card -. As a monument to human skill and ingenuity, the city was founded to bring together researchers and academics from across the region, and is dedicated to scientific progress without limitation city and its residents are regulated by the Ministries, collecting a brilliant minds. who hold many secrets, privlёkshimi attention of powerful organizations from around the world. “

Any owner of the PC version Overwatch can try out a new card right now. it’s enough to download a test version of the shooter, available for free through Battle app .net. On the test server, you can try out other changes, waiting for the game -. For example, redeveloped version of symmetry

of Blizzard has not yet said when the “Oasis” (and all other changes that can be tested on the test server) gets to the regular version Overwatch. Earlier the company said that the card does not appear on the test server until December, therefore, it is possible, the official release will take place before the planned location.