not only Google Ford and Tesla are engaged in the technology testing for autonomous driving but also reality and startup less known. This is the case of nuTonomy because of which today we talk for a team accident which involved one of its vehicles self-driving . The accident occurred in Singapore and, fortunately, did not cause any hurt.

The communication of what happened comes through the social profile of the Land Transport Authority. Both the car and the truck bumped reported damage. Still unclear the exact dynamics, with local authorities who are investigating to find out more. At the moment it is therefore not possible to attribute the responsibility to the system board or to an error made by the means of the other driver. On taxi to nuTonomy autonomous driving were still present two engineers, ready to take on the manual controls in case of need or emergency.

A self-driving vehicle belonging to nuTonomy was involved in a minor accident at Biopolis Drive, at 9:28 this morning. The test car was performing a lane change when bumped into a low-speed truck. There were no injuries. The Land Transport Authority and the police are investigating the causes of the accident.

The autonomous driving taxis nuTonomy

The nuTonomy service available between August and operates within a rather small (about 16 square km), along a predetermined road section. An initiative that aims at the future of Mobility when a concept of ownership vehicles will switch to that of usership : in other words, the era the so-called mobility as a service . This is the company statement on the incident.

nuTonomi is fully cooperating with the investigation conducted by Singapore Traffic Police and the Land Transport Authority. In addition, the company is proceeding independently to identify the exact cause of what happened.