We have repeatedly written about the different technologies in the production of batteries, which can lead to a revolution in the world of mobile device again. Many jokingly said that soon in smartphones will be used nuclear batteries, and in the meantime, scientists have for many years carried out research in the field of nuclear fusion and related technologies. it seems that the nuclear batteries in smartphones and tablets may be something quite real. physicists team and chemists from the University of Bristol submitted a nuclear battery which, the researchers argue, can ensure long-term supply of energy with zero emissions. They claim that these batteries can be used in small low power devices.

Created by scientists from Bristol nuclear battery prototype includes an artificial diamond, which generates a small electrical current when placed in the radioactive field. The battery as a radiation source is an isotope called nickel-63, but the team believes that they could significantly improve device performance by using carbon-14, generated in the graphite blocks.

“In such batteries, there are no moving parts or radioactive emissions, and in addition, they do not require maintenance. There is only the direct production of electricity. By encapsulating a radioactive material within the diamond, we turn nuclear waste disposal problem in the creation of nuclear batteries and long-term supply of clean energy “, – said Tom Scott of the analytical center of the University of Bristol


If the use of carbon-14, a nuclear battery for 5730 years only half discharged. It can completely change our lives in many areas.

“These batteries will be used in situations where it is impossible to recharge or replace conventional batteries they will be used in low-power electrical devices that require long life power source:. Pacemakers, satellites, high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles, or even space ships , “- said Tom Scott


Source: techradar.com