The Mobile World Congress 2017 could lose its flagship media event: it seems that Samsung has decided to postpone the launch of the its new flagship, the Galaxy S8 . The rumor came to us from a very reliable source, and it is not the first time that we hear in recent weeks ear similar information. Samsung, despite the problem to the Galaxy Note 7, continues to sell well both S7 and S7 Edge, definitely the best smartphone ever made by Samsung and one of the best three products last year, and does not have such a hurry to launch a new product especially with competitors like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus beautiful but not innovative enough to force Samsung to chase Apple like he used to.

The Korean company, you should have learned and absorbed the harsh lessons of Note 7, could be taken a little ‘more time to try out your product maybe that kind of battery and the charging system that have caused so many problems on your smartphone then withdrawn from the market. It is not excluded that, after realizing what happened to the Notes 7, Samsung has had to revise a part of the entire Galaxy S8 thus delaying production.

The launch of the new flagship is always expected in the first half of the year, probably towards the end of March in London.