Nothing iCar, Apple is working “only” to a self-driving platform (for now)


Bloomberg confirms what we had already read in the past: with the arrival of Bob Mansfield head of Project Titan, have changed the company’s plans on building an electric car. No more iCar, but development of a platform is self-driving used by third party manufacturers.

Bob Mansfield has decided to shelve the plans to build a car Apple, given the delays and difficulties of various teams put to work on this product. The Project Titan has been so completely revolutionized: hundreds of employees were laid off or re-assigned to the new team we focus on developing a real self-drive platform. The leaders have set the end of 2017 as a deadline to prove the feasibility of this system. If so, the platform will then be proposed to the third party manufacturers, a bit ‘as happened with CarPlay.

During the development of the iCar, Apple has encountered a number of problems with the car production process, from the supplier agreements difficult to accomplish. The company had imagined the creation of a car able to recognize the driver by using the fingerprint, automatically changing trim and the multimedia system settings. Were taken into consideration also of the car designs without steering wheel and pedals, just to give the user a completely autonomous vehicle.

Bloomberg specifies that the iCar project has not been shelved permanently, and this could be taken in a couple of years, after the establishment of this self-driving platform. If the platform will work well, and the technology will establish itself, then Apple might rethink the construction of his own car.


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