Nokia has officially announced the return of its brand in the mobile phone market. The website of the Finnish company appeared section dedicated to these devices.

According to Nokia, on Thursday, 1 December was the closing of the sale of the business for the production of conventional Microsoft’s mobile phone companies HMD Global (founded six months ago, Nokia former top executives) and FIH Mobile ( «Daughter,” the contract electronics manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group) for $ 350 million.

In addition to the telephone Microsoft assets, HMD acquired the rights to the brand and intellectual property of Nokia, which she can use for 10 years. the Nokia return, will receive royalties for each sold a mobile device under its own brand.

The first results of this agreement are expected in the first half of 2017. in these dates scheduled smartphones output based on Android, as well as ordinary mobile phones with the Nokia label. in addition, the HMD is going to produce tablets. Gadgets are produced at Foxconn factories.

The Director General HMD of Global Arto Nammela (Arto Nummela) said he hoped to transform his company into a key competitive player in the smartphone market. as the benefits HMD head pointed developed partnerships Nokia with operators and retailers.

“Indeed, we see an opportunity to take a little bit of space on the shelves. Now consumers can get involved in a variety of smart phones, but the question is whether they like the brand and whether they are committed to “ – said Nammela


Analyst Ben Wood (Ben Wood) from CCS Insight said that to become a manufacturer of Android-smartphone – it is a simple task. The key to success lies in the volume of business, but only until the HMD brand Nokia and experienced managers.

Arto Nammela long time posted in Nokia for sales and product development – as long as the company has not sold its phone business Microsoft. President of HMD Florian Sheikh (Florian Seiche) at one time worked at Siemens, Orange, HTC and Nokia, and from the director of marketing for HMD Pekka Rantala (Pekka Rantala) – Nokia veteran and former CEO of Rovio, has created a series of popular game Angry Birds