After years of rumor, speculation, events subdued and teaser dreamy Nokia officially announces his intention to return to the field in the smartphone field.

The announcement came in a press release published on official website of the company in which it is determined that HMD Global Oy a company specially created for this purpose, will be the house will give birth () to future branded smartphone Nokia. The agreement transfers to the new company the rights necessary to the creation of mobile devices with Nokia brand in the world, with the exception of Japan, through the payment of royalties to Nokia Corporation on all smartphones and tablets sold. The agreement also includes the construction of more traditional feature phones, always in high demand in emerging markets.

Ultimately, in order to clarify the situation, the return of Nokia is through the passage at a third company, which allows the core of Nokia Corporation to remain on the sidelines, safe from any failures, and take care of all activities that have characterized the last years, such as the great efforts in the development of 5G network and IoT devices. This does not mean that the task is a simple sale of the brand, because that choice company was created just for this, but it is a move that will allow Nokia to keep separate business smartphone / tablet from around the rest at least in the first years of activity. The statement specifies that fact Nokia is not at the time, an investor HMD Global and does not hold stakes of society, thus minimizing the risk for the parent.

The agreement also allowed the reactivation of the section / phones on Nokia’s official website within this address . The portal is now managed by Global HMD and the page you can find a field in which to leave their e-mail in order to be updated of the latest news of Nokia world. Curiously, just above this text field, the site reminds us that “ we are currently committed to building new Nokia smartphones with Android “. In short, we could not have hoped for a more explicit message.

The presentation of first smartphone Nokia is expected during the first months of 2017 probably on the stage of Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcelona. The expectations are very high, both from the audience, waiting for years the return of this historical brand on the market, both on the part of the experts, all very curious to find out if the new Nokia will be able to carry the heavy legacy that door.