Nokia Company and US Cellular have joined forces for conducting tests 5G technology in North America. successful operation has been demonstrated 5G wireless-network subscribers with fixed outdoors and inside buildings.

the Nokia

The experimental network used 28 GHz frequency range, provided by the US Federal Communications Commission. For 5G-service Nokia used its platform AirScale, capable of simultaneously broadcast six video streams in 4K Ultra HD format. During testing, the engineers studied the effect of the signal quality of different obstacles, such as walls, windows, metal and concrete structures, trees with dense foliage. Outdoors and in the middle of building tests showed the data transfer rate up to 5 Gbit / s and low latency to 2 milliseconds.


the Nokia

Note, U.S. Cellular also plans next month to test 5G-technology in conjunction with the of Ericsson. But in this case it is already used 15 GHz range.