Switch – Nintendo’s new console, combining the capabilities of fixed and portable systems and executed in the form of a tablet with the docking station, as well as multi-function controllers equipped with unusual movements. In operation, the concept was first demonstrated last month when debut trailer .

Then the Nintendo promised spend 12 January 2017 event in Tokyo for investors and the media (broadcast will be produced at the company’s website), on which will provide details about the upcoming game system. Until now, almost nothing is known about the technical characteristics of the Switch, starter kit available games, price, exact release date and so on.

Now, the Japanese company said that after the presentation of the key Switch in Tokyo, she will hold a January 13 New York private event. At present it will be able in fact to evaluate the ergonomics and all the functions of an extremely versatile gaming system. However, it is too early to buy tickets: exact time and venue of the New York event is not reported


now officially known that the basis of Switch is a kind of SoC NVIDIA System (on Tegra-based); the game will be distributed in digital form and on special cartridges GameCard; Dock serves only for charging and output images to a TV screen and does not give productivity gains; tablet display You can not use as an auxiliary in the game on the TV; but for console is preparing to mass accessories . Also, according to rumors, the device endowed with multi-touch 6.2-inch 720p screen, different fairly low rate of battery life and is charged by the USB-C, is 4 GB RAM, 32 GB of flash memory and SoC NVIDIA with four 64-bit cores Cortex-A57 @ 2 GHz and GPU Maxwell 2 @ 1 GHz, with 256 stream processors.