Nintendo might be working on accessory that makes amiibo compatible with smartphones toys

The news then do not get to be really shocking, since the designer Shigeru Miyamoto had somehow anticipated the new about a month ago, but it seems that Nintendo is working on an accessory that will make amiibo toys compatible with smartphones. User Downgrader in the gaming forum NeoGAF found that Nintendo registered with the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) in the United States a accessory with characteristics similar to NFC Reader but able to communicate via Bluetooth ; see a conceptual image of the device below.

The launch of an accessory like this would undoubtedly be an extremely practical measure for Nintendo, because with it you could use amiibo figures and letters to unlock extra content for games 3DS, smartphones, and probably even the ” NX “, although everything indicates that the company next console will have native compatibility with toys. Note that the fact that Nintendo have made the record of this accessory is no guarantee that it will be released someday. However, this appears to be a useful and convenient idea too much to be ignored, do not you think, reader (a)? Review!
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