Some days ago, the leaders of the house Platinum Games have released some new network dedicated images to Nier: Automata especially interesting adventure that seems to do everything it takes to be considered one of the titles to own absolutely in its collection.

The shots published highlight the presence of dense vegetation, all topped by the ruins of a castle and above all mechanical humanoid creatures who seem to be ready to defend the area explored by the protagonists. Leaps to the eye the presence of medieval weapons and armor, all but adapted to robotic bodies of the antagonists on the screen.

Nier: Automata is thus presented in a particularly convincing, therefore we admit to be particularly keen to get their hands on the trial version of the game, so give our opinion. To date it is not yet known when Nier: Automata will see light through the shelves of specialty stores, although the developers have stressed that the intention is to publish the adventure during the course of 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

We therefore leave to the image gallery dedicated to Nier: Automata.