Currently, Google ensures that all of its reference series smartphones Nexus, Google Play Edition , Android One Pixel and will receive regular major software update 1.5 years after entering the market. After this period, the output updates with new versions of the OS is not guaranteed, although small Google security patches for some time yet released.

the Nexus 4 smartphone has entered the market four years ago, and no longer supported by Google. More since the release of Android 5.1 No major updates old Google flagship reference unit can not receive. However, this does not mean that on the Nexus 4, you can put a cross. The smartphone is good and even after four years, may well serve as a host, with for him now come fresh third-party firmware.

Anyway, Cyanogen has confirmed that the Nexus 4 will receive in the future the latest available version of mobile OS from Google – Android 7.1 Nougat. Currently only available experimental assembly CyanogenMod 14.1 Nexus 4 (mako), so ready to put up with the inevitable for these earlier mistakes and problems can now, without waiting for the stable assembly, to get acquainted with the latest innovations Android . in their old times machines

In addition to the Nexus 4, there are other tablets and smartphones, which will receive or have already received Nightly-build CyanogenMod 14.1: Nexus 5 (CAF), T-Mobile LG G3, LG G Pad 8.3, ASUS ZenPad 8.0, Sony Xperia M and Samsung Galaxy S5 (AU).