NextEV Nio EP9: powerful electric hypercar from China


Many Chinese companies have decided to repeat the success of Tesla and announced its own electric vehicles. Only a few people brought the case to the end. With a few exceptions in the face NextEV.

This startup from China seriously approached the task as a result -. was born sports model Nio EP9 What. great – it’s a working car, and not just another “raw” prototype

The novelty is really the fastest in its class two-seater car easily accelerates to 313 km / h to inspire respect the result (record Tesla Model S -… 250 km / h).

Nio EP9 wins the bar at 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds. The mark of 300 km / h hypercar passes later 15.9 seconds. The foregoing is provided by 4 motor . (1 for each wheel) The total capacity of the system – in 1360 horsepower

wheel drive able to boast flexible control. If we talk about the torque figure is 1480 Nm. Thumbs up for the invention weighing 1735 kg.

Of this weight – 635 kg accounted for removable batteries. Battery lasts for 430 km long path. power supply recovery takes 45 minutes.

Speaking of the cabin, Nio EP9 equipped with special seats with lateral support. Usual controls little. The instrument panel consists predominantly of displays.

The estimated price -. 1.2 million USD Want to buy Then hurry in the first batch of a total of 6?. coupe

China’s 1,341 horsepower Nio EP9 electric supercar is already setting records -. Chinese startup NextEV is one of many companies vying to become the next Tesla Motors But other than backing a team in the. Formula E electric-car race series, it has kept a relatively low profile. Until now, that is.

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