Swiftech Company is not in vain considered to be one of the leaders in the production of components of the liquid cooling systems including controllers and computer fan control. Its products are really different quality and high efficiency, but often is cheaper than the same products EK Water Blocks. Now the company has introduced a new universal waterblock Apogee XL2.

This is a traditional microchannel water block for cooling the CPU, with its symmetric design; there is no fashion for today asymmetrical design with a divider when the inlet is located directly above the divider and the microchannel heat exchanger body. Apogee XL2 is made of nickel-plated copper. Used favorite overclockers and enthusiasts LSS fittings G1 / 4 “with screw clamp.

The upper part of the water block is made of transparent plastic and has an integrated backlight from the RGB-LED. It can be included in the overall lighting control system, in particular, by using controller Iris, released most Swiftech. It supports all Intel processors and AMD, as with the exception of exotic yet AM4 platform. Novelty cost is $ 45.