Given the competition from equally valid applications like Alter or artisto , the Russian developers of Prisma are constantly working to improve its software, capable achieve considerable successful in recent weeks, marking a record volume of downloads (especially on Android). It is, in fact, a solution based on the use of artificial intelligence and neural networks transforms photographs into works of art.

Today we talk of the introduction of two new styles : the first is called Caribbean , while the second is called We can do it! , a clear homage to the figure of Rosie the Riveter icon for US women to work in the factory during the second World war. Applying them to the images you will get results similar to those seen in the screenshots below: one seems to be more suitable to the development of scenic and landscape shots, the other on subjects closely framed or portraits. Of course, the imagination of users is the limit for the use of the proposed effects.

I due nuovi stili introdotti da Prisma: Caribbean (a sinistra) e We can do it! (a destra)

The two new styles introduced by Prism: Caribbean (left) and We can do it! (Right)

From Prisma is expected to brief the possibility of edit video with the same principle as promised by the development team led by Alexey Moiseenkov. Today tests conducted by infrastructure performance seem to have improved that manages the editing, the subject in recent days once again overload and slowdown due to an excessive number of requests. It also introduced the ability to browse through the latest images created through a special area in the inner area of ​​the interface, as well as easier to find and shared by users.

Ecco i due nuovi stili introdotti da Prisma: Caribbean e We can do it!

Here are two new styles introduced by Prism: Caribbean and We can do it!