New MacBooks Apple will come with e-ink keyboard in 2018


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A few hours later arise rumors about Apple be organizing a event to announce a new MacBook Air rumors ventilated by Wall Street Journal realize a novelty even more interesting.

According to renowned American newspaper, which usually only serves when rumors are sure them, Apple is planning to abandon the standard QWERTY keyboards and adopt a customizable e-ink model in their notebooks in 2018. Sources familiar with the plans of Cupertino told the newspaper that Tim Cook has reportedly met with executives of Foxconn and Sonder in China to discuss the feasibility of this type of keyboard.

This is not the first time a rumor about Apple adopt a keyboard of this type appears on the web. A few days ago, an anonymous user posted a video on Reddit showing a functional model of Sonder keyboard which will be marketed later this year. In less than 20 seconds, a person is shown by pressing a button and the keyboard layout changes, and winning social sharing buttons.

There is no doubt that the accessory appearance still looks pretty rough for Apple standards, that will definitely move it if negotiations progress. Still, what does matter is that the idea behind it is to provide a single keyboard can be customized by people from all over the world according to your need.

Does glue? Let’s wait and see. Sonder will release the video of the keyboard up until the end of this year for $ 199

Via The Wall Street Journal

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