USB ports

The launch of the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will be October 27th. To say it is the well-known Japanese website Macotakara usually quite reliable as insider when it comes to Apple, which also adds other details about the presentation of the new range of portable developed in Cupertino. Surely we will not be facing yet another refresh: this time Apple will present a MacBook Pro completely renovated, with a programmable OLED bar that will replace the classic function keys and a butterly type keyboard that should help reduce the thickness further. The news of the last few hours, however, is likely to create a bit ‘of confusion among those who routinely use a MacBook Pro and appreciate the amount of connection of any kind that Apple has placed on the current range: new models, in fact, they would be completely devoid of classical USB ports, for instance rectangular ones.

Apple would in fact chosen, if we trust what he says Macotakara even for installations with Pro Type C USB and Thunderbolt, to use to connect accessories and for charging . A choice that does not appear even too absurd when you consider the recent moves Apple, which has not made too many scruples to lift up from the iPhone audio jack. The classic USB ports are convenient, but as long as the producers continue to enter ports on notebooks also the classic USB ports the modern USB Type C will never take the upper hand . Apple will take away, as it did on the MacBook, even the magsafe.

Macotakara also speaks of the MacBook Air: probable disappearance of the 11 “model, while there should be an Air refresh 13 still appreciated by many people. The hope is to see an Air that it can maintain the same autonomy but using a Retina screen, a goal that’s not easy to reach. However, there is good news: audio jack, at least on the Macbook Air and Pro, it has not been removed.