ARTICLE SPONSORED – the digital age is now essential to know how to speak the English language, even more so in the workplace. Application such as ABA Inglese helps everyone to learn even to bare the language, and in this article provides a number of tips on how to create the perfect CV in english

ABA Inglese is compendium everything that can serve during the learning process of the English language. App awarded the best “educational” Application of 2015.

In working life, it is increasingly important to have a high knowledge of the English language, especially in a global market as the current one. This is why it becomes vital to demonstrate their knowledge of the English language already from the moment you send your CV.

First of all, we must not literally translate from Italian to English CV, since the structure of the language and expressions to be used are different. Much better to start from scratch and write directly in English, do not forget to proofread. If you want to look for a job in the UK or the US, it should not include your photo into CV. Another tip offered by ABA Inglese: try to avoid the repetition of the pronoun “I”, but use directly the action verbs at the beginning of a sentence (created, optimized, coordinated …).

Always begin your CV with a brief summary, a couple of sentences that highlight your experience and your skills. Do not write more than two pages, and listed only the points that are relevant to the position you are looking for.

To send your CV in English, it is important to be able to esprimesi to even better in job interviews. The application Inglese ABA can help users preparsi and to focus on grammar, thanks to 144 video free lessons with which you can learn the most important words in business level.

The app is based on the principles of natural method, that allow you to learn the English language through a full immersion: ABA Inglese simulates the same process that you would experience abroad to study English, because first of all you learn to listen and to understand, then to speak and write, all in a natural and spontaneous way thanks to the simulation of real-life situations using the ABA Film function. Just as in real life, you will use your mobile device for listening, speaking, reading and writing: integrerai gradually a new vocabulary and new expressions, making strides without realizing even realize. So, use this app will provide you a natural learning process as easy as sending a voice message to friends.

ABA Inglese includes two modes, one free and a payment (ABA ABA Free and Premium).

With ABA Free it is possible to study the whole English grammar distributed through 144 video lessons (taught by native speakers) and you can access to the first complete unit of each level. With the paid mode ABA Premium you can access all the content of the course (from Beginners to Business), obtain certificates each passed level, count on the support of a private teacher to be contacted without limits any questions on English, upload progress on LinkedIn and use the app offline.

The Premium subscription prices start at € 19.99, but once registered as a user you will be Free of favorable conditions.

ABA Inglese is available on App Store at this address.