THE SD Association launches a new classification for the memory cards in order to assist users in choosing the right card for each type of use. Not only, in fact, names and acronyms have become very complex over time, to the point of creating many headaches during the choice, but above all SD Card starting to be used permanently as a storage media for the app Mobile devices and not only as storage devices. The fact that apps are physically stored on SD requires some form of certification on its performance, without which you may experience slowdowns and experience of non-optimal use.

So off with Class A1, which will have to reach at least the sequential performance of 10 MB per second and 1,500 random read IOPS and 500 random write IOPS . The IOPS, for mere mortals, are the input / output operations per second and this is the distinguishing feature of the new certifies, what sets it apart from the past.

In this respect, the relatively high demand for performance in terms of IOPS (because otherwise the performance required are nothing that), can be a great help just when you want to use the card in devices Mobile Android. New classes will be standardized later.