Smart TV – not a new thing, and one might even say banal – if we are talking about A-brands on the Russian market. Its Smart Hub Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Philips offer for seven years as a continuously developing the platform, which is based on Tizen, Firefox OS or, most often, on Android TV. But we are talking about TVs middle and upper price categories – the most simple TV big brands today are not always equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi-module. What to say about other companies.

However, for the old TV or a budget model to date, it is possible to “upgrade” with foreign Smart TV set-top box – the successor to blockbuster medapleerov 7-8 years ago. They usually come with Android is not the latest version and let primarily to provide access to the Internet – then have to use at your discretion


Thomson is on the one hand created a budget line of TVs with built-in Smart TV, on the other – has done without Android, have tried to collect for something unique, his own. Let’s see how this company has turned. And was there any sense? At the same time test the TV and as such.

The design and construction of

we’ve got the basic model lineup Thomson Smart TV 2016 model year – D18 (18-I series), with a minimum 40-inch diagonal display (also available version with displays of 43, 49 and 55 inches). Complete index model – T40D18SFS-01B, will continue to adhere to the reduced name is spelled – T40D18. Also important caveat – we visited preproduction sample with its own characteristics, which is not and never will be in the market samples of


What kind of a design refinements T40D18 not offer, trying to clear in the budget segment utmost simplicity. This is a classic black rectangle without lurid inclusions, but with a very thin bezel around the screen. Framed it glossy plastic – unfortunately, the same glossy surface received and the display itself, he glares, if not zashtorivat window in daylight viewing


The receiver infrared signal from the remote control is located under the front panel of the bottom edge, but the Case-control buttons are hidden on the back panel.

installation options of the TV classic: table or, with the help of two small and relatively graceful legs (included are 4 screws for this), or wall, but the hardware need to buy separately


TV Dimensions without feet – 924 × 545 × 86 mm. Feet added another 15 centimeters of thickness. In principle, not the fat television, although the age of the winners of liquid crystals (and already customized their organic LEDs), there are panels of 15-20 mm thickness. In fact, here the thickness lends mostly “hump”, which concealed electronics, cooling systems, interfaces and dynamics.

Speaking of interfaces. Here is everything you need: 3 × HDMI, optical audio output, 3.5-mm mini jack for headphones, SCART, 2 × USB, Ethernet and 2 connectors for the antennas, radio and satellite TV (DVB-T / T2 / C, DVB-S / S2). It should be noted that to facilitate the retrieval of satellite TV programs have preset settings coat rack NTV providers Tricolor and MTS. Also for these providers are supported CI + card access.

via USB-port, you can play content from external storage – TV works with H.265 codec with support for Full HD-resolution


Smart TV

На этом примере экранного интерфейса лучше видна бликующая панель, нежели панель настроек

On this example screen interface better visible glare panel, rather than setting panel

The last paragraph of the previous section could be seen that the Thomson T40D18 have an Ethernet jack, which allows you to connect your TV to a wired Internet. Apart from it, the device is built in, and Wi-Fi-module – pull wire is not necessary. When you first turn on the device characteristic of the icon can be seen in the main menu – go to it and select from the list of the necessary networks. Password is necessary to enter the on-screen keyboard, of course – is the standard for TV. Network, by the way, remember the TV – the next time it connects to her own


Before we talk about the system and the available applications, a few words about the technical aspects and the control panel. The TV is built quad-core ARM Cortex-A7, well-known for ultrabudgetary smartphones, for example. There are, however, of these complexes are built – a complete system-on-chip. Here he works alone, along with the graphics subsystem ARM MALI MP2 450 MHz, one gigabyte of RAM and four gigabytes of memory constant. The latter allows you to save the content of Smart TV applications directly on the television.

The main way to control a TV – with the remote control of classical configuration. It is very large – with one hand to manage it is simply unrealistic to constantly catch it in your hand, or to connect your other hand to press the keys in a particular sector. In this very form of a recess in the middle – a very successful and nice rubberized keys to press. From buttons to pay particular attention to the highlighted Netflix button, Info button (i) and key Home key in the center – is, along with navigation arrows, key Thomson Smart TV controls


Info button, by the way, gives access to another process for TV control – through a smartphone. Push it for 4 seconds – on the screen is shown QR-code that allows you to download TV REMOTE application. The application can also be downloaded from Google Play (it is necessary to find a program with the above title, and publisher in the face of TCL).

The third control method – using a traditional mouse and keyboard, you can connect by the USB


TV is able to operate as a DLNA-client: it plays media files from the connected to the network or computer network storage


for TV you just have to connect to the same Wi-Fi-network, and a TV, and then simply select it from the list of available devices to connect. As a result, you can change with them media data (by Miracast technology can play Full HD-content without the slightest difficulty) and remotely controlled only with full cursor on the TV screen (which is not available with a conventional remote control) – very good for a budget model.

With regard to the smart TV, it is based on the Linux operating system using the c NetRange platform, which has long and successfully creates variations on the theme of smart TV for a variety of brands. In this case, we can see quite clearly the interface on which the default withdrawn recommended videos and the latest that you watched. Under them are the tabs with content distributed by type: “Video”, “Sport”, “the TV”. Only the last tab made proper application – the essence of the philosophy of the majority of Smart TV platforms. In the case of pre-Thomson D18 above mentioned tabs filled with content from Youtube, and of services with video-on-demand are presented only recently released on the Russian market Netflix. The serial version is available and Russian services.

Smart TV worked fine – the interface is not slow, applications open quickly, the browser is not the most convenient, but also works pretty smoothly


The image and sound

Display Thomson T40D18 It built on the basis of PSA-matrix with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (Full HD). The natural aspect ratio – 16: 9. As used matrix zhidkrokristallicheskoy backlight LEDs located on the rear surface of the screen (Direct LED). As a result – the picture is subject to the minimum lit up, serious problems with it. It supports progressive scan – is today the standard for low-end models


The viewing angles are quite good – approved by about 178 degrees, but such extreme values ​​are not required in actual use. In the event of 30-45 degrees greatly decreases the contrast, but the color change is minimal – you can watch TV not just being in front of his screen


TV works with five preset image: standard, natural, dynamic, cinema, stadium. Well, the user, of course. It is recommended immediately install preset “cinema” – to switch off it is only if you want to watch TV during the day with open curtains. In this mode, the picture brightness decreases the limit, but the color tones and contrast are much nicer. Also, of course, there are also manual settings – you can build for themselves the brightness, contrast, backlight and so on. All in great detail, down to the hand control additional functions and white balance – it is unusual for a budget model. The menu has a guide on the TV, it will help in fine-tuning it.

Гамма-кривые серого и цветовых компонент

The gamma curves of gray and color components

The kinorezhime TV provides a static contrast of 3899 1 – it is even more than the claimed 3000: 1. A very good result. The brightness in this case is 183 cd / m 2 – in direct sunlight, taking into account heavily glaring glasses, watch anything on Thomson T40D18 be uncomfortable. When the display brightness to the maximum we can achieve and index 274 cd / m 2 . Drop the contrast, but the air without shading the windows you can see.

Цветовая температура

The color temperature

The color temperature can not be changed in the digital calculating – just switch between three presets: normal, cold and warm. Unfortunately, even in kinorezhime and “warm” preset temperature is too high and is around 8000-8500 K. count on accurate color, unfortunately, is not necessary in any mode – minimum average DeltaE deviation, which we have achieved by playing with settings – 6.00. DeltaE by gray shades is 12.20, range is also not impressive. The screen is set up not brilliant – but this is a normal level for a budget model


Цветовой охват телевизора – обратите внимание на почти точное соответствие «треугольнику» sRGB

The color of the TV coverage – note the almost exact match sRGB «triangle»

Thomson T40D18 runs on standard 50 Hz, without improving its software to over 100 – is at the same time eliminates image artifacts from possible, but dynamic scenes look a bit blurry. However, serious discomfort their view does not cause, all within the normal range.

The response time stated in 6.5 ms – this is quite enough for a comfortable game, subjective sensations confirm the figures. Professional gamers, of course, it is better not to use the Thomson T40D18 as the main display, but the time to play from time to time – why not


There is also the possibility of watching TV in eco mode – you can use them if you want to save energy, and there is no need to limit the brightness of


Sound system includes two speakers 8 watts – they sound pretty loud and clear. Without some kind of gloss and rumbling bass – but immediately rush immediately after buying the TV for additional columns are required. The menu has a fairly detailed audio settings, by the way, including EQ. But if you really want to build on the basis of Thomson T40D18 home cinema – audio system you certainly need.


Budget TV has always been a means to display the image – and then, with varying success, but it accurately without claiming to be some great role in the domestic ecosystem. Thomson Smart TV is trying to break this tradition, the year 2016

Yes, these TVs embedded operating system based on Linux -., And works quite well. Access the Internet, they also know how. In the pre-production version, we were able to get access to Netflix and Youtube – but production models and have access to the Russian services, and their number, dare to hope, will expand.

As for the ability to display the image – it is quite good for a budget TV level. Decent contrast, normal brightness side by side with not too color reproduction, but in 23 990 rubles (official price of Thomson T40D18SFS-01B) 40-inch TV with a native Full HD on current realities – not a bad option