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small-scale car manufacturers appearing every year, and even more often. Now the industry has decided to try himself an American film director and investor James Glickenhaus (James Glickenhaus). He has long been interested in fast and expensive cars. For example, about ten years ago, the director ordered the production of a unique model of Ferrari P4 / 5 by Pininfarina. Technically, it is a flagship supercar Ferrari Enzo, but decorated in the style of the 60s. And was P4 / 5 Competizione based on the Ferrari 430. Now Glikenhaus presented the car under its own brand – Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S


On the creation of the first car under the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus started talking back in 2013. Then James Glickenhaus planned to present the final version at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. In general, the businessman kept his promise: in the past year was indeed announced by the car, but only in the racing version. It was equipped with a 3.5-liter turbocharged engine Honda, developing 530 horsepower. And just a month later, in April 2015, coupe SCG003C Competizione Nürburgring set a new record: the supercar was Northern loop in just 6 minutes 42 seconds. The developers claimed that if you remove the restriction of the internal combustion engine power and get rid of the ballast, the machine completely runs out at 6:30. But now we are talking about the road version, which can not only ride on the racing ring, but also to get to him.

Body Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S made of carbon fiber. The exact weight is not reported, but the track version weighed only 1 350 kg. However, the production model is equipped with another engine – a 4.4-liter V8, specially prepared for SCG003S Italian company Manifattura Automobili Torino. Its maximum capacity is about 800 horsepower. ICE will be aggregated with a seven-speed robotized transmission Cima (the same used on the Koenigsegg cars).

So far published no data Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S, but we already know that the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is given this beauty in less than three seconds, and the maximum speed exceeds 350 km / h. Given the fact that the track is a sister has become a hero of the Nürburgring, in front of us can be one of the fastest cars in the world. But the novelty is able to develop the lateral acceleration in the 2G area.

The public premiere Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S must pass on the next Geneva Motor Show. Sales will begin in mid-2017. Final price is not published, although they used to say about the amount of about $ 1.3 million.

If all declared characteristics Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S confirmed, we will witness the birth of another legend.

Electric cars and hybrids

In April the company by DHL which is a subsidiary of the German mail giant Deutsche Post AG, presented its own electric van StreetScooter E-car . Key specifications were originally known, however, is now in the manual DHL told why they decided to build their own cars.

Serial production of machines is a separate branch of industry, which is divided between the traditional players. There actually is no “outside”: for several years now there are rumors of Apple developing cars or Google, but more gossip, it never went down. Therefore DHL would be more logical and easier to order a party at the vans Volkswagen: until the last moment the company is widely used Volkswagen Caddy. However, a few years ago, the situation has changed. Then in the transport giant realized that the growing popularity of e-commerce raise the demand for the delivery of small cargo within the city. With conventional vans it would lead to increased emissions levels. It was then that the decision was made on the purchase of electric vehicles.

After determining the goals it was found that the model with the required performance characteristics does not exist in nature. At this stage, it would be logical to turn to the automaker with a request to create a new machine or changing an existing one. Instead, DHL bought a startup StreetScooter and began to independently develop a new electric van, fully satisfying the needs of transport companies. According to to Reuters all this became possible thanks to the financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009.

But the economic decline is related to the fact that DHL began to produce his own car? After the fall of the car company’s sales began to cut spending. One of the types of optimizations turned out to be a reduction of development costs: this problem has been partially transferred to suppliers of components. By the current moment they make up 80% of the car’s components. In the 80s, they accounted for only about 56%.

All this means that today has become easier to create and produce new machines. It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of modern software: DHL uses a PTC application (Parametric Technology Corporation), which will not only simplify the development of components and whole machine, but also provide access to 80 suppliers, including giants such as Bosch and Hella. Tool PTC Windchill is from 300 to 1 000 euros per user per year, and today it has spread almost everywhere: on the Reuters publication data, it is used by about 45 of the 50 leading companies in the automotive business, including Audi, Continental, Ferrari, ZF, Hyundai, MAN and Volkswagen.

Thus, an ideal time to market of new car brands or niche models. However, there were also dissatisfied. This primarily Volkswagen company, which lost a major customer. “I am angry beyond measure, – said the head of Volkswagen AG Matthias Müller (Matthias Mueller). – Of course, I ask myself, why Deutsche Post did not apply to VW Commercial Vehicles division with a request to do something

like that. ”

Introduced in the spring of elektrofurgon StreetScooter Work L with a body volume of eight cubic meters on average, able to accommodate up to 150 small parcels with a total weight 1000 kg. The car is equipped with an electric motor with 40 hp and a lithium-ion battery capacity of 20.4 kWh enables a cruising range in the area of ​​50-80 kilometers. By the current moment has about 1000 yellow vans drive on the roads of Germany, without producing harmful emissions. Next year we plan to release already 5000 StreetScooter Work L.

Is it possible to block the news about electric vehicles to pass news of the Tesla Motors has ? Of course not, so we describe in detail about the most important topics related to the company.

Let’s start with the bad news: last week the price of the initial version of the crossover Tesla Model X rose by 11 000 dollars. This event has no bearing on the crisis in the US or the instability of the exchange rate (which can be suspected when a similar situation in Russia). Just out of the configurator on the manufacturer’s website is missing the initial version of the Model X 60D. From now on, it will be the most affordable modification Model X 75D, which is worth at least 85 500.

SUV Tesla Model X 60D sold very long: base version was presented in July, so that the customer only had a few months to take advantage of “special offer”. It is noteworthy, that are identical in technical terms and Model X 60D Model X 75D. Even younger version installed battery capacity of 75 kWh, but part of it is locked at the program level. All owners of Model X 60D asked to pay 9000 dollars and “Please” on the version of Model X 75D. In Russia, for flashing the price you can buy any budget car.

The difference in travel distance in two versions ceteris paribus is 60 kilometers: 380 in Model X 75D against 320 in Model X 60D. Dynamic performance and completely identical: to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, both crossover spend about six seconds and a top speed of 210 km / h


While Tesla Motors representatives did not comment on the rejection of the basic version. Most likely, the manufacturer decided to increase profitability: as Model X 60D and Model X 75D are identical in technical terms, the second model to sell more profitable. Apparently, the company originally expected that the majority of customers Model X 60D will be updated to the Model X 75D, but in fact it did not happen. While this is only speculation, so you need to wait for official information.

The second news from the “Tesla” The same applies to the crossover, but the other. It’s been a year since as Elon Musk (Elon Musk) for the first time in his microblog mentioned next car company name – the Model the Y . Initially, it was known that it will be smaller and more affordable Model X. It is expected that the new product will be presented in the current week. Generally previously Musk confirmed the development of three new products: compact crossover, a minivan and a pickup truck. But two recent vehicle must leave much later.

There is not too much information at the moment of the Tesla Model Y. From official sources, we only know that the novelty will be built based Model 3. Accordingly, it will be more expensive than most Model 3, but cheaper Model X. The rest of the details will be known after the presentation. In this case there is no guarantee that the US company will roll out once the final version: in the case of the X Model 3 and Model originally audience were shown prototypes, which are then further fine-tuned both technically and visually. By the way, to reduce the cost to the Model Y was decided to abandon the lift doors in the style of Model X.

Curiously, the two pieces of news from the “Tesla” can be linked. “Budget” version of the Model X could vanish from the configurator just for the reason that the US company is clearing the way for the Model Y. And as a novelty probably also will be available in several versions, it can partially overlap at prices with Model X. Strangely, American the press did not pay attention to this possibility, although we think it is most probable.

Let us turn to the news from other manufacturers. While the Honda does not produce electric vehicles, although there are hybrid cars and hydrogen filling its assets. However, at the CEATEC exhibition in 2016, which is the Japanese equivalent of the CES, it was presented very interesting prototype. Participation in the development of his company also took Kabuku, which specializes in technology in the field of 3D-printing.

The model for some reason has not yet received a name. Perhaps the thing that Honda wants to show not a specific car, and a vector of development of electric vehicles. The basic idea is to create a unified platform, based on which you can build different cars. The power structure is a frame made of light tubes, which are mounted exterior plastic parts. For the production of the past and expected to use 3D-printers.

As planned by developers, very soon the owners of these machines will be able to develop his own alternative detail to give the car a personal appearance or give additional capabilities. All limited to designing the program and print the 3D-printer.

The length of the Japanese news is only 2495 mm and a width of 1280 mm and a height of 1 545 mm. The car can be compared with the Renault Twizy – the driver is also sitting in the middle. But there is no passenger seat, his place was taken by the luggage compartment. The prototype weighs about 600 kg and is driven by a tiny electric motor, the car is able to accelerate up to 70 km / h. Battery capacity is not specified, but it will be enough to travel the length of about 80 kilometers. Charging will require three to seven hours, depending on the mains voltage (100 to 200).

While the representatives of the companies Honda and Kabuku say nothing about the production plans. Provide a similar machine is very difficult in the Russian reality, but in fact in Japan traditionally like compact cars. So modular kei car with a deep customization may well be to the soul of the local population.

We have a waiting list of one compact electric novelty, which has already received the first winning ticket in his life: Swedish startup Uniti The was able to collect 660 000 euros for 39 days kraudfandingovoy site FundedByMe . This team of young engineers originally planned to save 500 000. By the current moment the contribution made 333 person.

Uniti Within the project it is planned to create a compact electric car with an eye on the youth of Western Europe at the age of 25-34 years. Triple car has already collected 140 preliminary applications, and all the number of potential buyers in Sweden, Germany, the UK and France is estimated at 30 million people.

key competitors of the first electric vehicle Uniti should become Renault Twizy and ZOE. On the technical characteristics it is known not all. Triple vehicle must weigh about 400 kg and equipped with an electric motor of 15 kW (20 horsepower). Sodium-ion traction battery capacity of 11 kWh should provide a power reserve of about 150 kilometers. Maximum speed – 90 km / h


According promises Uniti team, in the first quarter of 2017 will debut a prototype is created, in which all the key technologies will be used. By the end of the same year, the developers intend to obtain patents for engineering and design work. But the beginning of serial deliveries are not to be expected before the second half of 2019 or even the beginning of 2020-th. The developers promise to keep the cost of such avtomobilchika near 200 000 SEK (about 22 600 dollars, or 1 400 000 rubles).

Another interesting start – Company Sondors . It is a project of the same name electric vehicle at the site of startEngine . If successful, the young team of Malibu is supposed to be a three-wheeled electric car with a very non-trivial design.

Generally Sondors behind already has one successful project in the field of crowdfunding: last year the company raised funds to produce electric bicycle (if used Indiegogo site). As a result, they were able to save more than six million dollars, which is 67 times more than the required amount. The new project is collected only 371,000 dollars of investment. However, in Sondors Electric Car Company did not set ourselves ambitious goals: they will be glad to any amount in the range of 70 thousand to one million


Sondors Developers want to create “the most attractive, affordable and practical electric car.” Its base price is only 10 000 dollars. It has three wheels will be provided, and in the cabin can accommodate three people. Electric car will be available with three types of batteries with a power reserve of 50, 100 and 200 miles (80, 160 and 320 kilometers).

The whole case is Sondors companies are very successful. In the first 24 hours it was able to collect more than 150 000 dollars, and the total continues to grow. Founder Sondors Storm (Storm Sondors) and does not intend to receive less than 120,000 pre-orders. Moreover, the same number of cars to be built in the first year of serial production! However, it does not even called the approximate dates the beginning of the presentation and release of electric car Sondors.

At the conclusion of this section let us return to one of the constant themes of the last time – the possibility of a total ban of cars with internal combustion engines. Total two weeks ago we talked about the new research group Climate Action Tracker, according to which in order to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement (includes limiting temperature increase on the planet) is required to stop the release of a smoky vehicles in 2035. Earlier this year, we have heard calls to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2025 Norwegian and Netherlands . Although such news often subsequently refuted, in the press are increasingly heard the news on this topic. But one thing – Norway and the Netherlands, which do not produce cars, and buy them a little. Quite different is the situation with Germany, the largest market in Europe and the automaker.