Contrary than than assumed earlier this month , the application dedicated to Netflix on Android and iOS has just received one of the most anticipated updates ever. This is the opportunity to make the download multimedia content, so you can also see in offline .

The functionality has been enabled by the last update which is available from a few minutes on Play Store and App Store (currently there is not notified of any updates on Windows Mobile 10), and thanks to that it will be can download in advance movies or episodes of a series, then watch them later. As you can see from the posted screen below, there is now a new icon that lets you make the downloads, which will be accessible through the new entry My Downloads positioned in the main menu . Inside it we could see the weight in MB of various files and decide whether to start play or delete them.

The quality of downloads can be changed through new entries in the settings menu (last image in the gallery); you can choose between quality Standard or Superior while an indicator allows us to find out how much memory of our device was occupied by files downloaded from Netflix, even allowing us to eliminate them all at once


In any case, we remind you that not all movies from Netflix can be downloaded to be viewed offline. Some productions, including some original Netflix, may not be available to download because of the limitations imposed by copyright. After you update the app, it will invite you to find something downloadable through the first item that you will be presented at startup; in this way you can get an idea of ​​the show available to download immediately. To update your app, or download it from scratch, you can see the links to the App Store and Play places immediately after the published movie from Netflix on Facebook, which announced the arrival of the new function.

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