Netflix may now be very close to offering the vision offline content present in its catalog. The news is not new in the absolute sense. In fact, we had already talked about last June. The now inevitable “rumors”, however, are again back on the issue would be confirmed as previously indicated times. Various sources claim that downloading content will be available by the end of 2016 .

remember that you are also leading voices behind these rumors. One of the main is Dan Taitz the Penthera COO (Chief Operating Officer) (a company that is responsible for developing its own technology for this type of services). Taitz said they had received information from sources inside the industry. To confirm the rumor was also Dan Rayburn Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. Rayburn said that, in the streaming video market, is no longer a secret that Netflix is ​​developing a solution for downloading videos .

There are no official communications from Netflix, but do not forget that Reed Hastings the CEO of the company, had said in April that it had to maintain a mentality open on this point. The statement had been considered important because, earlier, Netflix had always flatly denied the opportunity to enjoy the video even without a network connection.

The eventual arrival of the offline viewing of Netflix will necessarily also get the green light of the content owners. Of course, should no agreement on the original productions, while the rest of the catalog should enter into negotiations not always easy (the download option is not well seen by all).

Nicola Zucchini Buriani VIA