Netflix: records subscribers for the giant


Netflix exceeds analysts’ estimates and exceeds the declines of the past, with record quarter . And grow the worldwide subscribers sign of the goodness of the group’s strategies in recent months, particularly in terms of the original bid due to the native range. The US stock market, as a result, could not help but respond positively to the third quarter 2016, which ended Sept. 30.

is a promising quarter, one presented yesterday by Netflix investors. The profits amounted to 51.5 million dollars, equivalent to 12 cents per share, a significant increase compared to 40.75 million last year. Revenues amounted to 2.29 billion, while growing significantly subscribers: in the fourth, in fact, well 3.57 million people have decided to subscribe.

The majority of new customers coming from international markets, where Netflix has arrived since last January. While in the US the conquest giant only 370,000 subscribers in the quarter, beyond the borders of the motherland are well 3.2 million subscribers. A fact more than promising, when you consider how the estimates are attestassero 2 million global. A total of 83.3 millions of customers faithful to the platform.

In addition to the effect novelty, since the landing in many new countries, Netflix has captivated audiences with its original offer, with serious and indigenous productions away from the canons of broadcast TV. More than 600 hours of original programs produced in the current year, all with attention also to the full HD formats, 4K and HDR . And now it necessarily looks to the future: the first bet will be that of the conquest of China, a country where the giant is not yet landed because of rigid matters on obtaining licenses from the central government. Then, the growth of non-stop competition, including Amazon Video, HULU and the individual broadcasters platforms: just think, in fact, the HBO online successes.