The waiting a long, and we also had already spoken because same Netflix took off the veil of mystery on the issue without giving exact dates. Today, 30 November, Netflix finally charge on Apple’s digital store and Google update that as an opportunity for its subscribers to see their favorite series even offline.

The news, like an early Christmas present for a month to the faithful subscribers, has been announced from Netflix on your Twitter profile with a likeable and eloquent “This time it is what I think “, reflecting the download locally sprees was a feature long requested loudly . We took a bit ‘of time to explore this issue and try the service and there are some things to know: first of all the download is active on the app for tablets and smartphones and not of Smart TV, a function that could be useful in those who do not to see a band and preferred bell’HD download movies and enjoy them with better resolution. The download is available in both SD and HD because obviously missing with 4K would take away too much space. Besides, who will try to download movies and TV series will notice that not everything is available for download: Netflix has indeed put “downloadable” only that part of the catalog for which has managed to renegotiate the rights adding the download. Part of Netflix’s original content can be downloaded, but even here there are exceptions: Marvel, for example, did not allow the download of some series.

Notice Then those who travel abroad: if you download such as House of Cards in the United States once they arrive in Italy the download will be visible and available only as long as it does not connect to Netflix: the first login in fact are invalidated the licenses acquired on a foreign territory. The same goes for TV discharged into Italian: series if you use Netflix abroad with the same account that all downloads are invalidated. What Netflix remains a welcome Christmas gift, because it comes free: the cost of the subscription does not change.