Netflix: get the download for offline viewing


really interesting news, the incoming call for all subscribers to the platform Netflix . The colossus of the stream, in fact, has announced the availability of a new and useful function: download of movies and TV series for the offline use . One option already feared in recent months, as rumors emerged in the US press, now finally become a reality.

The news was announced in a brief press release, as well as an update on the official blog platform. To meet the needs of users always on the go, or for those who do not have a sufficiently handsome connection to support a continuous stream, Netflix has decided to enable the download and offline viewing of certain content.

The rollout will likely be gradual, but even now, some of TV series most popular will be available for offline viewing. Among them, the success of “Orange Is The New Black”, “Narcos”, “The Crown” and many others. The download functions will be offered at no extra cost to its subscription plan, all via the app for tablets and mobile phones, both iOS that Android . To access the feature, you simply update its application to the latest version and, when available, select the download icon.

The solution chosen by the giant is certainly one of the most important steps to ensure that Netflix will become more and more an entertainment platform in the round. The offline enjoyment possibilities for films and TV series, in fact, wink wink to all the fans who, while in possession of a subscription, can not take advantage of their favorite show with direct link to the Net. Starting today, however, you can take advantage of the Netflix catalog by train or plane, on vacation or in all those places where access to the Internet is not available, or even where it is unfortunately not very stable.

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