environment is the secret, everybody knows that by the end of year Netflix will come with the download mode “. To say this is Dan Taitz, Chief Operating Officer is Penthera, a company that has developed a solution to enable the secure download of video content on smartphones and tablets.

The download of content has always been one of the features most requested by customers to Netflix: on the one hand with the offline you could hold a whole TV series on a tablet or a smartphone for viewing by plane or train so those who do not have a broadband could download 4K content to watch them later memory permitting.

Reed Hasting has always been pretty cold on download: we also tickled us several times on this hypothesis, and every time the CEO of Netflix told us that the problem was not technical but more ideological, he does not believes in the downloads, and especially has always thought that the download would add a complicated interface is now almost perfect.

But something must have made him change his mind: will was Amazon, which thanks to this functionality has nibbled some subscribers in the United States, or have been traders, who have not yet been able to offer flat plans for mobility. Hastings, in fact, has always thought that the download mode would have been useless with the arrival of connectivity solutions into profitable and competitive mobility .

Todays are several scenarios: in Italy it is impossible to find a solution that allows you to enjoy every day of a movie on your smartphone or tablet without spending a fortune, and the same is true in many other countries. For commuters, for those who travel a lot and for those who are still not reached by adequate connectivity, download mode of the arrival of Netflix would be the highlight of a service that has always stood for high efficiency and the absolute quality.