Finally here we are! After the announcement a few months ago, with the new update you can download offline all content on Netflix.

[app 363590051]

Thanks to this application, you can watch TV series, films, documentaries and everything transmitted in Netflix streaming and on-demand, directly on the iPhone. With Netflix then we can decide when, where and how to enjoy the entertainment programs offered and we can play, pause and resume watching them on different devices, all paying a monthly subscription, the price of which varies depending on the option chosen.

Thanks to this innovation, Netflix is ​​one of the first video streaming services to allow downloading TV series, movies, documentaries and all other movies on the platform. Also through the app, the user can then choose what to download and view it later, even without active Internet connection. It is a very convenient feature, especially in Italy where the data connection is not always the best: thanks to Netflix, we see our favorite TV series by train, with no risk of signal loss!

Netflix is ​​available free on the App Store .