The company NEC Display Solutions has announced plans to use a common Raspberry Pi open platform – a modular approach ensuring effective integration of Raspberry Pi devices with NEC displays.

the NEC plans to produce display panels with built-in mini-computer. We are talking about the use of the module Pi Compute Module.

Diagonal panels range from 40 to 98 inches. Their main area of ​​application will be the commerce. These new displays provide easy access to the embedded smart features, connectable to Internet of Things solutions (IoT), products for digital signage (Digital Signage) and presentations. Issue displays scheduled for January 2017.

This technological cooperation – the first collaboration of its kind between the creator and producer of displays Raspberry Pi. That the partnership is expected to help NEC to expand their opportunities in the market, demonstrating its proposed options for a wide variety of markets and applications. It will also introduce new B2B-applications for Raspberry Pi, strengthening its position as a platform with robust functionality for the retail, aviation, transport, education and corporate conference rooms.

We note that recently the organization Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that sales of the same name tiny computers has exceeded 10 million units. Recall that in Europe the original version of Raspberry Pi came February 29, 2012-th. At the start of sales, demand was so great that some online shopping vendors simply could not withstand the load.