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According to a report by NBC News, the United States is preparing to carry out an unprecedented attack on Russia by Internet . The information came from sources close to the matter, which revealed that the White House asked the intelligence agency to make several “illegal” operations. The reason?

Not long ago, the National Democratic Convention suffered an invasion hacker which resulted in the spill of 20,000 e-mail addresses of political as well as personal information and donor data. The US government believes that the Russian masterminded the entire operation to try to influence the election results.

The sources, incidentally, do not mention anything too specific, but apparently the CIA is already in possession of several documents that could expose Putin’s tactics. Including in respect of such documents, the vice president of the United States Joe Biden gave a hint, saying that the Russian oligarchy would have made tax evasion at exorbitant prices, and that would be pretty embarrassing if it were made public.

Two CIA agents revealed to NBC that the White House was about to fight a cyber war against Russia last year, but abandoned the idea because everything that the US is capable of doing, Russia also It is.

Meanwhile, the profile of WikiLeaks on Twitter now shows that do not believe this story.

Source: NBC News

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