There are electric vehicles, despite their almost complete absence in the CIS countries, we have become accustomed to at the expense of regular news about this type of transport. Also, do not cause much surprise a variety of bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles, equipped with electric motors.

But the aircraft with electric motors at the moment virtually none. You can, for example, to recall Airbus E-Fan 2.0 which is released on the market next year. A similar project has and NASA – X-57 Maxwell . But in this case not even know where to build at least a prototype.

Meanwhile, the agency reported about the next step in the direction of development of the industry elektrosamol—Ďtov. It’s about the fact that the research center Glenn Research Center will start to deal with the creation and testing of electrical power systems that could be used in airplanes. For this purpose will be used special equipment and stands under the name NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT).

Center specialists have tested a kind of electrical system operating voltage of 600 V, which would lift into the air a small plane, designed for one or two people. Engine output in this case is not named.

But we know the power required for larger aircraft. The main goal of researchers at the moment – the creation of an electric power system capacity of over 20 MW, which would be enough for a small passenger aircraft.

Of course, development, production, testing and commercialization of such technologies will take a very long time. So do not expect major production aircraft with electric motors at least the next 10 years

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