Named the terms “Euroset” possible liquidation


The media have become known terms “Euroset” possible liquidation. Retailer may cease to exist if the “MegaFon” will offer “VimpelCom”. Both operators own 50% of “Euroset”.

How to write “Vedomosti”, citing its own sources, “VimpelCom” suggested “MegaFon” to share and debt salons “Euroset”, and a year later to eliminate the brand of the company.

“VimpelCom” has already prepared a schema that defines what someone depart salons, offering to sign an agreement before December 24. However, one of the interlocutors of the newspaper said that “MegaFon” will not accept a rival proposal in its current form. In particular, the operator is interested in the preservation of a brand “Euroset”, and it will have to assume the entire debt.

President of “Euroset” Alexander Malis told “Vedomosti” that the shareholder agreement on the division of the company is absent.

According to a source publication, close to the “Euroset”, shareholders of the retailer’s thinking about its division due to the fact that operators find it more effective monobrand retail and conditionally independent network lost its meaning. Another interviewee describes another reason: the operators want to earn on the sale of contracts, while the highest incomes “Euroset” comes from sales of phones



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