BioWare has revealed new information on the multiplayer Mass Effect: Andromeda – in particular , how it will work as will be associated with a single campaign. Unlike Dragon Age: Inquisition the network mode in the Andromeda does not become something completely independent, however, and will not affect the single-player game as it was in Mass Effect 3. Project designer Ian Frazier (Ian Frazier ) told game Informer that the multiplayer in the new game is a kind of middle ground, and that the players will be in the multiplayer mode, will affect the rest of the game.

“you will be able to send commands to any side missions or fulfill their own in multiplayer,” – Fraser noted, alluding to the fact that online is optional. He added that the network is much larger Andromeda elements purports to make the player move and come up with new attack strategy. Enemies can boast of certain features that make battles in the game will become more open and less focused on the use of shelters. At the same time moving map greatly simplified thanks jetpacks

“The first thing everyone will notice – that’s how everything has become dynamic, – added producer Mass Effect:. Andromeda Fabrice Kondominas (Fabrice Condominas ). – It was smoother, faster, there is a lot of action. Management has also become more responsive. All this is done deliberately; we really wanted to increase the dynamics and availability, while maintaining at the same time, the depth and detail. “

The Andromeda also return a random set of cards, which will include yourself new weapons, equipment and other items. These kits are sold for game currency, which you can either earn in battle or bought for real money. Nevertheless, some items will allow to buy in the store

Mass Effect:. Andromeda, the fourth game in the sci-fi saga, will be available in March 2017 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One