Multiplayer horror Friday the 13th: The Game is delayed until the spring of


Multiplayer action-horror Friday the 13th: The Game planned to release this fall, but now We do not expect it until next year. As publishing Gun Media reported that the release was postponed until the spring of 2017 “for the continued development, the addition of a single mode with bots and new Packanack Lodge map”.

“We are proud to announce that all pre-ordered the game to this day, and after it will have access to the most popular among the audience opportunities, it is a single regime, “ – authors stated


Friday the 13th: The Game offers an asymmetrical multiplayer in the manner of Evolve – Seven people have to hide and escape from Jason Voorhees, and each character It is controlled by a real person. Will you hide in the woods and wait for the police or skooperiruetes with others and try to beat a maniac? Or will repair the boat, designed only for two, and leave the rest to fend for themselves?

The possibilities are many, but “every decision has consequences.”


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