MulteFire technology from Qualcomm will combine the spectra of Wi-Fi and LTE



The company Qualcomm for the first time in the world has experienced wireless MulteFire technology LBT network support, a special mode that scans the entire broadcast by selecting the optimum frequency. The wireless connection of this type is based on LTE in the unlicensed spectrum when used with Wi-Fi at 5 GHz to provide greater capacity and coverage. This technology shows the results are not worse than conventional LTE. MulteFire based on 3GPP Licensed Assisted Access standard (LAA Release 13) on the downlink and Enhanced Licensed Assisted Access (eLAA Release 14) on the uplink.

“This testing – an important step forward in the development and commercialization of technology MulteFire – said Matt Grob, executive vice president and chief technology Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. – This is also an important step in promoting the sharing of technology of the spectrum within the 5G, since the development of 5G New Radio (5G NR) aims to share the licensed frequencies, unlicensed spectrum and the overall “.

The improvements of the joint with MulteFire spectrum will be felt for Wi-Fi users. Qualcomm has tested it earlier for LAA technology. Interestingly, since MulteFire not tied to the licensed spectrum, it can use any operator or a company connected to the IoT-network. Qualcomm has also established an alliance MulteFire Alliance, which will develop global technical specifications for MulteFire and certification of products.


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