forward, the Taiwanese company has surprised the Italian public showing VR One . And it was a nice surprise because – for the first time since its announcement – we had the chance to try, touch and closely study the futuristic backpack for MSI virtual reality.

should cost about 2000 EUR but the price will vary depending on the configurations always top-of-range, and will be on sale on the Italian market mid-November . It is certainly an affordable device, especially if you think that the backpack works in combination with a viewer like HTC Lives or Oculus Rift, currently on sale from 800 Euros, but it is currently the most convincing and satisfying solution for those who want to immerse themselves in a “virtual dimension.”


VR One has no wires, because the PC is the same backpack, then with just over 3.5 Kg on his shoulders you can live a full experience, free to move in the environment without worrying about tripping over cables or tear some grip. The computer has dual hot-swappable batteries supplied, which then can be individually replaced (without shutting down) when the indicator LED will light and a battery life playing this game of 90 minutes a CPU Intel Core i7-6820HK overclocked, 8GB RAM and a GPU Nvidia GeForce 1070 GTX with an efficient and silent system cooling.

The latter consists of two fans 9 cm ultra blade and nine heat pipe, which together allow the new proposal of MSI to be particularly silent and keep sound emissions below 41dBA. The only sounds are, therefore, those from the viewer for the VR, allowing you to immerse yourself in virtual reality even at night without disturbing anyone.



And we must admit that the result is excellent: MSI VR One is comfortable to wear and is not heavy on the shoulders, plus the absence of cables allows the user to immerse yourself in a few minutes (and with a little ‘ manual) into a new dimension. The combination works so well, the fluidity, the image resolution and accuracy, which is like living in a “parallel reality” visible only to the wearer of the viewer. It feels a sense of “alienation” from the real world and a (natural immersion in the virtual world almost).

MSI VR One is equipped with a door HDMI a Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3 C-type ultra-speed and supports higher width bandwidth to handle viewers equipped with two 2K ​​display. The wide and full complement of ports ensures an experience of VR over 90FPS, meeting the required of any high-end VR device. Moreover, it has four USB 3.0 to connect additional external devices.


MSI devotes his backpack-PC to an audience business-oriented initially, then to those companies who want to experience the virtual reality for 3D design, furnishings, selling real estate, but it is not except that within a few months will also be available for the consumer market.

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