Movistar rate increases in January 2018, these are the prices



      The new year always brings with it the dreaded rise in prices. Almost all the companies that offer subscription services take the opportunity to raise their rates, regardless of whether their excuses are more or less credible. The operators usually take advantage of the change of year to update the rates of mobile phones and the Internet connection. that the end of 2017 is approaching, since by law they have to notify their clients in advance, we know the Movistar rate increases for January 2018. According to the official website of the company Movistar Community, since last October 50 mega fiber customers of Movistar are receiving along with their invoices a notice that from next January 5, 2018 the Movistar fiber tariff of 50 megabytes goes up. It is the only fiber modality (without television) with 50 MB of download and 5 MB of upload, whose price will go from 46.72 € to 52.40 €. That means an increase of 11%. There is no additional information, so we do not know if the price increase of the fiber will be accompanied by any improvement in the service, or if it will be applied to other types of fiber.