Let’s examine the pros and cons of two different styles of play: mouse / keyboard and controller, what is the best? For many years video games exist and, in their way, they have evolved in many areas, especially in the control devices. Now there are wireless controller that can take months before the battery is drained and never miss a beat or there are keyboards and mice with special buttons, the LED lights, programmable keys, and so on and so forth. We are, however, digress, so let’s analyze in detail both cases.

Modern controllers are a real godsend for gamers: are small, ergonomic often Wireless and allow you to perform an enormous amount of shares while remaining comfortably in the hands of player. There are a total of minus 2 points we can discuss about the controller: the cost nowadays it is always increasing and the ‘ impossible to be completely accurate in the First Person Shooter. The first negative point is also justifiable, because Stano controller becoming the technology sets and really impressive ergonomics, but it is the second point that we want to linger. It is practically impossible to aim quickly and accurately in the FPS with a controller, because the analog sticks do not have the same reactivity that can have a gaming mouse and, often, although we know where to aim, you are killed because you do not have time to shoot the target.

razer tron legacy keyboard

Anyone who owns a gaming PC must also have a combo mouse and keyboard worthy of the name. The as gaming keyboards are a real pleasure for those who like to feel a button with mechanical switch have command response very fast, and often have the LED RGB that never hurts and can be customized according to our needs. A real mouse gaming, however, is [19459003solidprecise] and various keys to allow the player to play to the best of its ability and with an accuracy of many times greater than a controller. For this choice, though, there are cons: the peripheral costs the dispersion of the and have no PC gaming-date with the latest hardware pieces.

A mechanical keyboard as you have to get to even cost € 300 while a top of the range gaming mouse to arrive safely to € 150 and if we add these two figures, we arrive at price of a console and a game. Playing on a mechanical keyboard, then, unless you have the noise-attenuation switch, makes you a headache after a while ‘time and there being many keys is easy to get confused and pressing one of which is not intended to press. Finally, also possess a Pc from gaming can be responsive in the calculation of games like these devices is definitely not cheap indeed.

Our advice is only one: if you have a console, of course the problem is not in the least places, because the consoles are made to interface with only controller, but if you own a PC for gaming, our advice is to arrange both solutions. Each has its weaknesses, but each also has its very, very strong points. Ultimately, we believe that there is a better way to play your favorite titles, except to have fun with what you have and where you have the chance, to try some new solution every time.