Mount & Blade Warband has recently landed on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but in fact the original game has debuted on PC back in 2008 and, after two years, the development team has released the first major expansion Warband by name, version that has now arrived on the console.

The title of the house TaleWorlds Entertainment brings us in a world of medieval game characterized by total freedom and, on PC, can boast an extensive communty of fans. The version of the game intended for two platforms from Sony and Microsoft will be able to conquer even the console gamers?


Mount & Blade Warband does not have a real storyline in fact we make it our story within the game. The title of the house TaleWorlds Entertainment in [19459011bringsus] a medieval universe precisely Calradia within a vast open world populated by nobles, by ruthless bandits, by merchants, as gallant knights and from romantic maidens.

After created our virtual alter ego choosing facial features, origins and faction, distribute the first experience points, and we are catapulted into this medieval universe from now on we us to write our history. Keep in mind that character creation has an important role and consider the initial choices . It ‘obvious to say that being the descendant of a lineage known will make it easier for our rise to power as being the son of a merchant or a traveler might be more suitable for other purposes.

At the beginning of the game we are still alone and, as usual, without a penny in his pocket, and consequently the first step to do is to wander around in the surrounding areas in order to discover how to live in Calradia and its six realms.

We begin to face the first assignments, to level, to assign the usual experience points and earn some money, all in order to go to a tavern and recruit the first men who, once trained and equipped, they will go composing our army. But remember that the soldiers will want to be paid and fed: first to recruit a large number of warriors be assured of having the ability to maintain them.

Mount & Blade Warband offers players an almost total freedom : the various missions that will be just an outline and do not represent the true gaming experience when the world Calradia offers endless possibilities and situations and every choice that we will make will have consequences .

The game’s single player experience is also accompanied by an online segment, characterized by fairly engaging mode, which host 32-player match.


Define Mount & Blade Warband as an RPG is pretty simplistic : the title of the house is in fact TaleWorlds Entertainment a medieval sandbox that leads us to manage realms and army, to fight, to explore the entire game world and to address various assignments type.

The freedom of the title is the focus of the game and the only limit is in fact our imagination . We will be able to do anything and there will be no right or wrong choices, although the decisions will have consequences that affect the lives within the realms and stability of our army. We can choose to be, initially, a kind of Robin Hood and defend, together with soldiers villages besieged by bandits terrible. Then we can take a path that will lead us into politics, or we can become ourselves of ruthless bandits, alternatively we can be real Latin Lover looking for a noble girl to marry: in practice we can be what we want .

The system works very well, however, there is no real storyline and as a result there is a series of missions related to the main plot . We will still have the tasks that will be assigned to us from various NPC. This mechanism may initially displace the player however, continuing the adventure, we will enter into confidence with the structure of the game and all will become clear.

The fights are a key part of the gameplay and often we would rather use a mouse and keyboard instead of the Dualshock 4, especially considering that the clashes are absolutely tactical and, in addition to managing our virtual alter ego, we need to position and also give orders to our troops. Despite the development team has tried to offer players many options to set the most of the combat system, in order to make it as simple as possible, the use of the controller is complex and at times in some little immediate circumstances.

The fights are based on directional attacks and parries and, especially in the first few hours of play, it will not be an easy to use that system with the controller. As mentioned previously, the title includes within it a number of options that allow us to greatly simplify management, although the battles are not easy and take home the skin will not be a walk.

One aspect of the combat system is not particularly successful management of our troops on the battlefield, especially when the controller we have to place our soldiers. Often it happen that our opponents will be faster and go to certain death encounter will not be that difficult.

also Forget the classic “Game Over”: Mount & Blade Warband does not exist . Losing in battle or be caught, maybe even during the course of some office, it is to go directly to jail or, in the darkest of circumstances, become veritable slaves. In both cases we will be stripped of all our possessions and our army could halve or melt completely: Whereas the bailouts are based sull’autosave, it will be a real tragedy that will force us to start the climb to the summit.

Great system linked to the growth that affects not only our virtual alter ego but also our army . Progressing in the adventure will go up in level and conquer the classic experience points that can be assigned to our character, thereby developing many skills and bonuses linked to several parameters. Our army will gain XP points that will be essential to enhance and specialize the soldiers in various areas. However, keep in mind that the military has an operating cost and numerous troops and specialized require extra expenses. Also do not never underestimate the morale of our men : the happy soldiers will be much more motivated on the battlefield than men hungry and with little money.


The technical sector of Mount & Blade Warband is certainly no miracle you must still remember we are still talking about a title released several years ago and, in spite of the development team has made some improvements, the graphics remains dated . The location, for example, are bare and with very few details, the different animations are just enough and very woody.

The audio sector is slightly better but even in this case is not comparable to any title of this generation ; Mount & Blade Warband does not include within it the Italian language and this aspect could be a problem for more than one player, especially considering the nature of the game.


Mount & Blade Warband is without a doubt a game that includes within it a huge amount of content and total freedom offer to the player is the very quintessence of the title . Unfortunately, the game suffers from some flaws including a absolutely dated technical sector and the absence of the Italian language .

The gameplay mixes inside various game mechanics that lead us to manage realms and army, to explore the world of Calradia, conversing with various NPCs that inhabit the realms, from time to assault and then some caravan and take part in epic battles. It works pretty well but the lack of a real storyline and clear objectives may initially displace the player and, in some situations, the control system linked to the use of the pad is not very immediate and complex traits.


Countless content Total freedom, variety of situations and game mechanics dated Technical sector little immediate control system and sometimes complex HEAD VERSION: Playstation 4 GAMEPLAY 7 TECHNICAL 5 MULTIPLAYER 7 LONGEVITY ‘9 GLOBAL 7 killy79