Motorola has no plans to renew the offer of wearable . The news has considered official and has recently been confirmed by Shakil Barkat VP global product development at Motorola. The reasons are the same industry dynamics smartwatch, which does not have a question so high as to justify the introduction of new models according to estimates of ‘ company. not justify further investment in the short term.

In the last two generations, I think it has been shown that the relevance of the device is not where it should be. Does not have a large enough demand to continue to achieve year after year

Those who expected a third incarnation of the Moto 360, for the moment, will have to put aside such expectations and consult, as appropriate, competitive proposals. Motorola’s focus, at this stage, it is more concentrated on the ecosystem of Moto Mod which represents an important escape valve of a saturated smartphone segment in mature markets.