The modules ecosystem Moto Mod, thanks to which Motorola smartphones of Z line can extend their feature, is constantly expanding. There has recently been enriched with two new modules, one of the Mophie Juice Pack, or an additional battery 3000 mAh capable of increasing by 60% the battery life, the second is the Car Dock Incipio, announced a few days ago and formalized in recent hours.

Motorola, however, looks even more forward and confirms that in the future, thanks to Moto Mod, the compatible Motorola smartphones can take advantage of connectivity 5G . The news was confirmed by John Touvannas senior director of product management at Motorol a recent press event.

Without waiting for the next-generation smartphone introduces the next technology or a new capacity, we can reach it more quickly through mod

A set of increasingly rich modules – which could expand up to understand a form with the Tango features and e-ink display side – by which Motorola purchaser helps safeguard the investment for the purchase of the terminal for a longer period.

Given the saturation of the smartphone segment in the so-called ” mature markets’ ‘this is an undoubtedly valid strategy: in front of the low propensity to replace the smartphone, Motorola allows you to update the’ hardware and provides the ability to leverage technologies innovative, with lower outlays than those necessary to switch to a new model. The 5G networks are a work in progress, but Motorola has already developed a series mortgage on the possibility of providing the hardware to exploit them to the owners of a compatible smartphone with its modular system.

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