Project Tango the three-dimensional mapping technology that Google is developing for some years now, is debuting the first commercial smartphone to all its effects in these days, with Lenovo Phab2 Pro . Coming in Italy to 499 euro in December although in some markets is already circulating.

Simply take a quick look at Data sheet to understand that the value for money is relatively unfavorable; in other words, Tango will be the same the main reason to buy . But it is a technology that, however innovative and interesting, certainly does not have a great appeal to the mass.

However, Lenovo / Motorola could propose a more attractive solution: enter Tango in a Moto Mod for the range Moto Z . He would have said the same CEO of Motorola, Aymar de Lencquesaing, during a press event. The exact words were:

It is likely that we will have a Tango module that basically allow to have the Tango features Moto Z.

In short, one can not attribute the declaration the same level of assurance that would have an official announcement, but it is undeniable that this is a smart solution that technology would make it more accessible. We just have to wait developments.

Source VIA