Motorola continues to think of the Mods: Audio, Note, Keyboards, Solar Panels and more


Motorola has undoubtedly won in running towards modular phones. Although it is not clear how much this idea really likes the public, Motorola has surely found the best way to make external hardware and aesthetic components without compromise on their smartphones.

In the last year, there were not many Mods out there compared to those initially presented with the Z series, but development continued, however, thanks to special initiatives and the contribution of external developers who were able to exploit Tools made available by the brand to design concepts of new Mods.

In this 2017, there are many new products coming to the market, some already seen as the Gaming Pad, while others are still in development. The latest examples come from indiegogo where a few weeks have appeared such projects:

External Keyboard Solar Panel Led Cover Wireless Recharging

These could add two more gadgets: the first is an audio converter that would allow you to have a High Definition output for anyone who wants to exploit Smartphone to make music. The second Mods may be a kind of portable notebook to be hooked into the back of the smartphone. Of course paper, but a small screen that will allow you to always have notes with you and can be detached and, for example, magnetically attached to the fridge as it is a post it.

Everything thanks to the Moto Mods accelerator and Motorola initiatives that money money with the best developments in this field.

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