The dream of having a pocket projector is old. There have been phones in the past with this built, and we have numerous options projector portable sale. But in the case of Moto Z, we have a module only for this function. Now begins our Review: Moto Z Snaps – Moto Insta-Share Projector!

A pocket projector

Let’s start talking about what it is. We speak of a projector to be attached to the back of the Moto Z / Z Play with capacity to design walls pictures (or ceilings, floor, anyway). The maximum size of the projections is 70 “16: 9., But the resolution is limited to 480p

Attach the insta-share projector in the back of the Moto Z causes an obvious gain in size, increasing by 11mm to device thickness. the weight rises about 124g with the projector.

and execution is optimized by the module. This means that the trapeze adjustment projection is automatic, so just point to the wall and the module will correct the distortion caused by angles more inclined towards aàparede. the trapezoidal correction capacity ranges from -40 ° to 40 °. There is a small stand support Z and assist in setting angles, inclusive.

But that’s half the service. despite this beautiful setting, the focus is entirely manual, and depends on you rotate the small wheel side of the projection lamp to adjust it, staring at the wall.

the problem is that the wheel turns in infinite form ie, you can move the focus, and keep turning until you get it again, go again … that escapes from standard cameras and projectors to common where there is a limit to the negative or positive focus, making it easier to find the point faster. Well, every projector has a shelf life of lamp, and this also follows the rule. Are 10,000 hours of projection, more than enough time for the life of the cell, almost. I honestly do not think you go watch 10,000 hours of content by Moto Z designing things. But anyway, there’re information.

Other than that, we have the maximum luminance of the projector the modest value of 50 lumens, contrast ratio of 400: 1. What does that mean? Only it works in totally dark rooms.

Seriously it. The less light input can compete strongly with the projection module, indicating that it was designed for indoors with weaker lighting possible. Rooms with half-light are the extreme limit of use of this accessory.

If there’s one thing that is obvious is the fact that this lamp consumes energy. And uses it in two different ways. At first, the projector uses its internal battery 1100 mAh to sustain itself for up to an hour projection. Thereafter, one can watch longer using the smartphone battery. The transition is done automatically.

Anyway, you can load the module without connecting it to the Moto Z because it has a USB-C input power. It also comes with carrying case to prevent damage when disconnected from Z. A note on the heat produced by the piece. It is not excessive, but it exists and is present in 100% of the projection time. While there is activity, you can feel the heat of the piece. Until then no novelty, it is natural projectors dissipate heat.

There is even a cooling system in the module with input and output air, plus a mini-charming cooler . Yes, a small fan, tiny, actively cooling the play while connected. It is a full projector even. There is another detail that can be our requirement too, but here goes. This module enables the Z to become a projector but does not provide the audio portion.

He is great, there is no remedy for it. It’s something “huge” that does not suit day-to-day, serves only to specific situations. There could be a good integrated sound box, adding a little more size, but making the experience media complete. But it is only our opinion, we will not take this into account from the module.

And the verdict is …

present all this for you. We show an average projector that works in specific situations and brings a BEM Resolution … acceptable. The problem is that it costs R $ 1,499.00. For a product that is developed by the Motorola, and Lenovo is very …. Even more than this product is only for the Z line

may be more worth seeking pocket projectors (for any device) on Ebay, Free Market and the like, depending on your needs. It’s really cool, fun and comfortable, but the price makes you wonder if it’s all right …

And you, what do you think? Be sure to give your opinion in the comments box below or on our YouTube channel!